Keep in mind that texting should be used as a last resort to tell someone how you feel. Candle light: take her for a candle light or call her at your place when nobody there and order food from outside. Don't try to be who you're not--it will soon backfire and it will also be very uncomfortable for you. How ever busy you maybe one message saying ill call you back as soon as I get free I love you might actually save you from the fights that would take place if you ignored her. This article will help you in deciding what kind of person you want to delve into a relationship with. How to Be Funny on a Date. We love to cuddle, it's one of our favorite pass times. Laughter will come by itself if both of you are relaxed and enjoying each other's company. If she is wearing a skirt or dress she will probably appreciate the warmth of your hand on her soft skin. Does she smile at you and hug you? Keep the pressure off Look at online dating as an opportunity to expand your social or business network -- it will help take off some of the pressure. In time, the two of you may improve your relationship, but keep in mind that she's known him longer, he already loves her and blood/familial bond is typically thicker than water. Refrain from touching her hand or face. She'll get the idea and think you're being serious. Before you write your profile, see what people your similar age and gender are saying about themselves. I think it's time for a break. If you had a really great time, ask her out before the date ends. Avoid complaining or whining as a form of talking. This should trigger their jealous senses. Perfume: Give her one of her favorite perfume as all girls like to smell great. It doesn't need to be long at first and it definitely shouldn't be complicated online dating sites or make your partner feel uncomfortable. Try to keep it short and simple. How to Ask a Girl Out By Love Letter. If he really loved you he'd understand what you were getting at. Think about your decision. If they get involved in a lot of things that interest you, this is a great sign of possible compatibility.

Инкассаторов вооружат автоматами

В ближайшее время на вооружение инкассаторов Сбербанка России поступят укороченные версии автомата Калашникова. На данный момент это уже состоявшийся юридический факт, осталось только выполнить все необходимые действия по организации хранения оружия и получить его у компетентных органов.

На данный момент в постановление Правительства РФ от 1997 года № 460, которое и регулирует количество и качество оружия, подлежащего выдаче юридическим лицам с особыми уставными задачами, внесены все необходимые изменения.

Напомним, что в соответствии с прошлой версией нормативного акта, автоматом мог быть вооружен только водитель инкассаторской машины, а он, согласно должностной инструкции не при каких обстоятельствах не имел права покидать автомашины.

Все остальные участники перевозки денег могли иметь на вооружении максимум пистолет-пулемет, а зачастую вооружались пистолетом или револьвером.

Аналитический отдел ЧОП «Восток – 1» поддерживает данную инициативу Правительства, ведь для адекватного обеспечения сохранности ценного груза необходимо соответствующее снаряжение. Правда, считают работники ЧОП, увеличение мощности оружия обязательно должно идти в ногу с повышением профессионализма инкассаторов и строжайшим соблюдением правил безопасности.

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